Listed Artist Estate in Canton

Click here to Bid now at Closing Saturday Dec 11th starting at 2pm. This auction is full of beautiful sculpture, original art, pottery, MCM furniture and lighting and clothing, sculptor stone and tools, kiln, art supplies, collectible books, and and much more from the estate of listed artist and accomplished sculptor Connie Alexander and her husband, Navy Veteran, Anfred Alexander. Connie was selected as a Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for Stone Sculptor in 2017.  The couple had an appreciation for art and travel and this collection expresses that affection.

2Bronze Sculpture by Connie Alexander
3Lunar Excursion Model 7 of 20 Terry Hull 4/68
5Minerals & Rocks 
6Lg. Schacht Floor Loom w/ table & tools-retail 3k
7Antique Crotch Mahogany Bed 
8Antique Oak Barrel 21″ ta x 12″ D ( at top)
9Marc Chagall print on archival Paper, Fauvism
10Japanese clay tea caddy/Bento Box
11Decorative metal easel
12R. Yarbrough Abstract , 1966
13Antique Chisels
14Antique Chisels
15Linda McCarrey Art
16Herbert Bayer Lithograph Source Book
17Mushroom Lamp
18MCM Swirled Glass Base Table Lamp
19Carl Pappe Calle Humbolt Taxco Block print Woodcut
20Jim Dine Painting “Hearts”, 1970
22Abalone, Conch Seashells, sponge & coral in Basket
23Vintage tools and tool box – see description
24Antique Chisels with Vintage toolbox
25Victory War Maps
26Vintage Wooden Handled Ceramic Tea Kettle-signed
27Vintage Handmade Ceramic Balloon Vase- signed
28Joan Hilliard Found Art Umbrella Magnolia 
29Marc Chagall, The Ballet, First Edition 1969
30Rocks & Minerals 
31Metal Wire Frame Crib
32Carved African unity bowl holder+green pottery 
33Antique Chisels
34Antique Chisels
35Rocks & Minerals 
36Yellowstone Geyser Photography antique 
37Antique nature photography- E. Hoyle Fine art shop
38Cathedral Art Antique
39Vintage framed art
40Polished Rocks & Minerals 
41Anitque photograph Lake Champlain – Rue(?) HIltons
42Vintage Superior Pride Marker Stamp Set
432 Red Cloisonné Vases
44Assorted Rocks and Gemstones
45Rocks & Minerals 
46Lava Red Glitter Black Wizard Motion Lamp
47Clare Montgomery Embossed Paper Art
48Numerous Tools and Tack-On Toolbox
49Acacia Wooden Dinnerware
50Self portrait as TUT see signature
51Antique Photography
52Pablo Picasso Corrida ( Bullfight)  print or litho
53Vintage Assorted Handmade Pottery
54Vintage B&W Atlanta Braves Baseball Card Photos
55Vintage Don McWhorter Pottery
56Elbert Hubbard’s Scrapbook 1st Edition,1923
57Elvis  vintage posters and framed painting
58Framed Clint Carter Painting
59Joan Hilliard Abstract Art
60Vintage Floral Lamp
61William P. Thayer Art
62French cathedral Art
63Asian Ginger Jar
65Rocks & Minerals on enamel tray
66Drawings For Dante’s Inferno By Rico Leburn
67Rico Leburn Lithograph
68Rico Leburn Lithograph
69Ceramic Cat
72Crackle Pottery Raku Style Vase
73Oriental Ginger Jars
74Aztec Pottery
75Asian Figurine Vase and Chinese Deity Statues
76Oriental Vases, Urn, and Ginger Jar
77Ceramic Daisy Pitcher and Plate
78Forrest Jacobs Collage Painting
79Vintage Handmade Pottery
80Brass Duck Bookends
81Clint Carter Art
82Rio Grande Art, 1930
83Vintage Ceramic Balloon Vase
84Vintage Handmade Wooden Handled Ceramic Kettle
85Crystalized Coral Balls in Milk Glass Bowl
86Wall of Assorted Decor
87Workbench with Stone Slabs
88Framed Americana and Souvenir Art
90Vintage Folding Table
91Carved Statue
92wooden shelf,  Marble columns and Wooden legs
93Framed Scenic Art
94Barry Nehr Equestrian Painting
95Craig Prophet Art and Horse Painting
96Abstract Art
97Assorted Paperweights on Wooden Leaf Tray
99Pottery pitcher & vases 
100Rocks & Minerals 
101Stone base, tray & Box 
102English Pottery 
103Wood carving 
104Artistic Birdhouse
105Rare Mad Stones with Box and Bowl
1063 Portrait Paintings
107Forrest Jacobs Painting
108Marble and Stone Tiles
109Assorted Precious Stones
110Still Life Paintings
111Assorted Avian Art
112Stone Obelisk 14″ H
113Framed Watercolor and Lithograph
114Rocks & Minerals 
115Mining pan, Vintage Lanterns, Axe, Net, and Pan
117Vintage Handmade Pottery
118Drip Ceramic Cup Set and Vintage Pottery
120Geometric Art
122Blown Glass
123Blue Glass
125Bert Beirne Painting
126Vintage Cal-Style Red Swirl Wash Bowl and Pitcher
127Marilynn H. Mallory Art
129Artwork including Herb Boston and Larry Crawford
130Vintage Pottery and Clay Ocarina
131Assorted Precious Stones
132Assorted Glass Paperweights
133Shelves of Vintage Blue Glassware
134Donna Pinter/Juanita Kauffman Art
135Abstract Paintings
136Beautiful Scenic Art
137Numerous Assorted Stones
138Owl Lamp and Decor
139Vintage Black Clay Pottery 
140Stone candle sticks & More
141Marble Obelisks
142Stone Frog & Box 
143Japanese Decor
144Japanese Lacquerware
145Vintage 1985 Trek 400 Series Suntour Bicycle
146Guardian Lion, Buddha, and Ganesh Figures
147Decorative Handmade Mask and Decor
148Metallic Vase and Sculpture
149Vintage Enamel Urn and Trinket Box
150Rocks & Minerals 
151Red Glassware and Decor
152Red Clay and Glazed Pottery 
153Assorted Florida Seashells and Coral
154Numerous Assorted Seashells with Containers
155Jacques Senders “Shells” with Assorted Saeshells
156Assorted Ceramic Decor
157Assorted Asian/French Ceramic Sculptures
158Vintage Handmade Pottery and Ginger Jars
159Vintage Handmade Pottery
160Vintage Pottery and Iron Bell
161Framed B&W Kentucky Derby Photography
162Asian Ceramic Figures, Duck, and Wooden Tray
163Alexander Calder/Pablo Picasso Books
164Vintage Stationery, Cuttings, and Stamp Ephemera
165Shelves of Vintage Kitchenware and Decor
166Shelves of Assorted Brass Ducks and Decor
167Shelves of Assorted Decor
168Assorted Framed Artwork
169Walt Blackwell Framed African Dance Painting
170Cherokee Indian Painting
171Emily James and Manfred H. Kuhnert Art
172Seashell Encrusted Decor
173Tray of Assorted Seashells
174Vintage Glazed Pottery and Beaded Jewelry
175Assorted Seashells in Wooden Bowl
176Framed Scenic Art
177Helen Jean D’Agnese Impressionist Art
178Vintage Wooden Display Cases
179Vintage Wooden Plant Stand
180James Yarbrough Painting
181Assorted Framed Artwork
182Numerous Artwork Including David Neace
183Scenic/Still Life Art Including Charles Adkerson
184Assorted Framed Cross-Stitch and Paisley Art
185Framed Connie Alexander Photography
186Assorted Framed Photography
1873 Decorative Balls with Stands
188Assorted Seashells In Decorative Containers
189Japanese Wall Art
190stone Top Table on antique iron sewing base
192Vintage Ceramic Decorative Cat Figures
193Assorted Stoneware Ashtrays, Statues, and Decor
1944 Stone Based Lamps
196Vicente Denigris and Mary Booth Owen Art
197Various Framed Illustrations
198Framed Hummingbird Cross-Stitch Art
199Brazilian Wooden Decor
200Japanese Lacquerware
201Showcase Box 
202Assorted Gemstones in Wooden Bowl
203Assorted Framed Artwork
204Assorted Framed Artwork
205Framed Impressionist Art
206Framed Abstract Art
207Assorted Framed Art
209Assorted Artwork Including Walt Blackwell
210Assorted Framed Art and Mirror
211Assorted Asian Framed Art and Hand Fans
212Assorted Framed B&W Art
213Assorted Framed Art
214Helen Jean D’Agnese and Jane Scott Art
215Framed Clown Art and Bust
217Assorted Turtle and Duck Figures
218Vintage Nelco SZA-525 Gold Series Sewing Machine
219Antique Wooden Jewelry Chest
220Assorted Framed Art
221Andre Bus Lane Acclaim Walnut Coffee Table
222Vintage Wooden Bookshelf
223Blue Leather Recliner
224Vintage Stone/Glass Top Coffee Table
225Vintage Brassware and more
226Shelves of Assorted Brass Decor
227Two Bookshelves
229Wooden Glass Top Table
230Large Assortment of Brass/Silver Decor
240Wooden Twin Bed
241Sharp LC- 40D68UT LCD HDTV
242Vintage J.L. Jensen White Wooden Table
247Vintage Cushioned Armchair and Bookshelf
248Tan Recliner and Wooden End Table
249Assorted Pottery Vases, Lamp base, and more
250Assorted Conch Shells in Decorative Pot
251Assorted Glassware and Candleholders
252Ceramic Cats, Pitchers, Glassware, and more
253Ashtrays, Ceramics, Pottery, and more
254Ceramic Kitchenware and Decor
255Kitchen Stoneware and other Decor
256Glass/Ceramic Kitchenware and more
257Brass Ashtrays, Lighters, and more
258Brass Sugar Urn, Kitchenware, and more
259Brass Decor, Candleholders. and more
260Brass Decor and more
262Dog Sculptures including Mack Truck Bulldog
263Brass Pitchers and Decor
270Assorted Seashells with Woven Basket
271Assorted Knick Knacks
272Crackle Pottery 
285Mt. St. Helens Ash and Decor
286Tom Selleck/Too Loud Posters New
287Blue Glassware and Decor
288Asian Enamelware and other Kitchenware
289Asian Hand Fans and Decor
290Konica C35 EFP Camera with Romor Takamur Lens +
291Wooden Jewelry Box with Assorted Jewelry
292Wooden Jewelry Box with Assorted Jewelry
293Wooden Cigar Box with Assorted Jewelry
294Jewelry Box with Assorted Jewelry
295Wooden Jewelry Box with Assorted Jewelry
296Assorted Jewelry and more
297Ceramic Mugs and Assorted Salt & Pepper Shakers
298Vintage Kodak Carousel Projector and Setup
299Framed Signed Jimmy Carter Portrait
300White Wooden Shelving
301French Art
302Jars of Assorted Seashells
308Samsung Digital Washer
309Samsung Digital Dryer
310Wooden Cutlery Holders and more
311Assorted Wooden Kitchenware
312Assorted Wooden Kitchenware
313Assorted Ceramic Potters
314Assorted Wooden Kitchenware and more
315Assorted Wooden Chairs and Tables
316Assorted Wooden Kitchenware
317Assorted Wooden Decor
318Assorted Woven Baskets and more
319Assorted Woven Baskets
320Assorted Woven Baskets
321Assorted Woven Baskets and more
322Assorted Woven Baskets
323Assorted Illustrations and Artwork
324Wooden Bed Frame and Artistic Bookshelf
325Wooden Bed Frame
326Asian Enamelware Lamp Bases
327Crackle Style Ceramic Lamp Bases
328Assorted Table/Floor Lamps
329Assorted Vintage Lamps and Lamp Bases
330Assorted Lamp Shades
331Table Lamp and Matching Decor
332Vintage Oil Lamps and Assorted Decor
333Assorted Table Lamps and Bases
334Assorted Jewelry Boxes and Jewelry
335Assorted Vintage Silverware
336Wooden Jewelry Box with Jewelry
337Shelves of Assorted Kitchenware and Decor
338Vintage wooden Chairs
339Shelves of Assorted Books
340Assorted Framed Illustrations
341Donald Trump and Mickey Mouse Paint by Numbers
342Framed Oval Mirrors
3434 Vintage Orange Matrix Armless Stack Chairs
344Vintage All-Wood Furniture Table
345Assorted Brass Ashtrays and Decor
346Framed Mary Legg Painting
347Jim Wilson Signed Raccoon Illustration, 1978
348Impressionist Gazebo Painting
349Dorothy Hoeschen Impressionist Painting
350Framed Bill Turner Photography and more
351Mary Booth Owen Art
352Vintage Leather Cowboy Boots and more
353Abstract Stone Sculpture
354Assorted Rocks, Planter, and other Decor
355Framed Mamie Joe Art
356Vintage Upholstered Armchair
357Framed Mary Lowe Nude Painting
358Vintage Wooden Table and Chair
359Framed Herb Boston Painting
360Assorted Kitchenware, Decor, and Storage
361Framed James Hamblen Photography
362Assorted Stones, Tile, Fittings, Storage, and more
363White Ceramic Lamp Base
364Fern and Peace Lily
365Assorted Vintage Vinyl Records
366Woven Patio Chair
367Framed Pablo Picasso Print
368Wire Frame Patio Chair
369Framed Ansel Adams Silver Gelatin Print, 1940
370Pair of Cushioned Patio Chairs
371Vintage Brother Typewriter and Desk
372Bookshelf with Encyclopedias and Ray Harm Art
373End Table, Certificates, and other Decor
374Assorted Framed Certificates and Stand
375Woven Shawl
376Assorted Glass Shades and other Decor
377Framed Z Gallerie Heart Pattern Print
378Framed Peter Max World Cup 94 Print
379Wooden Bookshelf
380Rack of Assorted Clothing
381Rack of Assorted Clothing
382Racks of Assorted Clothing
383Cupboard of Assorted Glassware
384Cabinet of Assorted Decor
385Framed Edie Harper Painting
386Cupboard of Assorted Glassware
387Cupboard of Assorted Dinnerware
388Various Shelving and Framed Mirror
389Ornate Desk Lamp
390Assorted Green Glassware
391Shelf of Assorted Decor
392Floral Art
393Assorted Kitchenware and Storage
394Assorted Ashtrays and Decor
395Cupboard of Assorted Kitchenware
396Cupboard of Assorted Glassware
397Assorted Glass Paperweights and Decor
398Assorted Ceramic Pottery and Decor
399Vintage Touch Lamp
400Shelves of Assorted Kitchenware and Decor
401Framed Abstract Painting
402Framed Male Nude Photography, 1960
403Framed Mary A. Lowe Abstract Art
404Leather Recliners
405Impressionist Art
406Framed Scenic Art
407Judy Thompson Scenic Painting
408Vintage Framed Mirror
409Gold Leaf Tree Found Artwork
410Wooden Glass Top End Table
411Assorted Framed Ansel Adams Photography 
412Framed Still Life Art
413Framed Ren Hyink Impressionist Art
414Framed Robert E. Kennedy Art, 1972
415Framed Embossed Paper Art
416Framed Lyn Yeatts Floral Painting
417Framed Scenic Art
418Framed Original German Rhein Cathedral Art
419Framed Abstract Woman Painting
420Wooden Workbench and Decor
421Computer Desk with Typewriter and Nintendo Wii
422Vintage Wooden Rocking Chair
4232) Portable Heaters
424Assorted Vintage Toys – Barbies, trolls, CPD ++
425Assorted Framed Mirrors and Art
426Abstract Art
427Framed Vicente Denigris Painting
429Framed Mary Lowe Impressionist Painting
432variety of art in form and function
433Original signed Framed Floral Abstract Painting
434Assorted Jewelry and sewing Tools, Kits & Storage
435Paragon Kiln & Supplies-plugged in-no response
436Wooden Coffee table
437Stone/ marble top Pillar Stand
438Vintage Wooden Table
439Vintage Iron base  Glass Top Table – rusted
4402) Metal Frame Stone Top Tables
441Vintage Wooden Woven Armchairs
442Hollow log with mill/Grinding Stone, Cymbal, metal
443Large Birdhouse, Metal Gate, and more
444Numerous Jigsaw Sets New
445Large Birdhouse, MCM iron candelabra and more
446Assorted Tools, Jewelry kits and more
447Enamel ware vintage coffee pots. Tea kettles ++
448Two Step Ladders
449Wooden Oak Barrell, bottle capper and slaw board
450Assorted Stands
451Antique scythe, gear wheel, pipe wrench, ice tongs
452Assorted Kitchenware
453Lg. Pink marbled Stone Slabs-possibly pink granite
454Antique Cobbler, Vices, and more
455Antique Grinding Wheels, pipe cutter and more
456Assorted Antique Stonework Tools and more
457Large Assortment of Hand tools, rocks, much more
458Wall of signs, tools, Decor++ from Connie shed 
459Shelves of Assorted Rocks and Decor
460Assorted Decor from Connie’s shed
461Wall of Assorted Decor
462Stone Sculpture Shed Sign
108aAssorted Shark Teeth and other Fossils
137aShelves of Assorted Decor
13aAssorted Antique Chisels and more
146aAssorted Pottery Including Walter Hobbs
147aGlazed Abstract Pottery and Vases
148aOrnate Statues, Jewelry, and Decor
149aVintage Asian Floral Enamelware
157aLaura Hamblen Art
15aVintage Raytech Diamond Jem Cabbing Machine
161aAssorted Seashells and Seahorse In Woven Basket
185aPaperweights with Matching Dish
209aAssorted Framed Artwork
20aVintage Sears Craftsman Bench Grinder
220aVintage End Table, Phone, and Clocks
22aLarge Vintage Air Compressor
256aBrass Decor and more
25aPink granite stones 
30aGE 50 Pint Dehumidifier ADEL50LRL2
31aLarge Rainbow Stone
32aLarge Fossil Rock and more
345aVintage Piano Bench
346aBookshelf, Enamel Urn, and more
347aWoven Connie Alexander Wool Tribal Attire
348aAntique Wooden Desk, Chair, and more
349aCabinet of Assorted Lightbulbs New
357aFramed Joan Hilliard Art
363aAssorted Vintage Vinyl Records
43aLarge Petrified Wood form
44aAssorted Marble and Soapstone
45aAssorted Rocks & Minerals some possible artifacts
47aAssorted Black crystals  in Clay Pot
49alarge Vintage Pottery Bowl 7x 13.5″
57aLarge Sculpting Stones- possibly LImestone 
58aLarge Sculpting Stone possibly Beryl- see photos
59aLarge Marble Stones, Driftwood, and more
6aLarge Assortment of Yarn Warping Spools
70aVintage Japanese Imari Porcelain Cat
71aCeramics and Gemstones
72aNumerous Assorted Stones and Containers
73aLarge Stone Statue and Stand
74aLarge Marble and Soapstones
75aAssorted Hammers and Sculpting Tools
77aAntique Ceramic Japanese Hot Pot
85aSeashells and Coral w Decorative Plate/Basket
88aVintage Swing Arm Desk Lamps 

Two Auctions In Canton

Click Here To Bid Now

Listed Artist’s Estate in Canton – Round One (Of Three) Closing Saturday August 14th Starting at 2pm.
Upscale Home in Laurel Canyon/Canton – Closing Sunday, August 22nd starting at 2pm

More MCM in Sandy Springs !

Click Here to bid now! Auction starts to close Sunday, July 18th starting at 2pm. We had such a good time on the first auction- Susan, a former shop owner and collector of Mid Century and Mid Century Modern, said let’s do it again!
This auction features a wonderful items including a Bergamo Sectional Modern white leather Sofa with chaise, a Post Modern Memphis Multi Color Pedestal Dining Table, German Shrunk Modern bookcase/wall unit with hutch, Original Watercolor by Patricia Govezensky, a student of famous Israeli artist Itzchak Tarkay, Mid Century Modern decor and pottery, including ARNELS, Howard Holt, Roseville Raymor, California pottery, Mccoy, Redwing, plastic, aluminum and bakelite dinnerware! Other art includes a beautiful MCM floral still life, a signed and numbered McKnight print and more!
We still have a huge variety of dinnerware and an incredible selection of decorative glasses/tumblers from the 40’s-70’s!
and don’t forget the sterling silver, the musical miniature bird in a cage, the Pearl Station Necklace with Sterling Clasp and Shell Necklace, the large handmade vintage wooden dollhouse, lighting, jars and bottles and

Auction starts to close Sunday, July 18th starting at 2pm
Pickup Monday July 19th in Sandy Springs TBA from 1pm til 7pm by Appointment ONLY.

Upscale Auction in Avondale Estates

Click Here to Bid Now! Closing Sunday, June 20th – starting at 2pm
Berkeley Rd Moving Sale for Long time Avondale Estates Family
This auction features a combination of high-end furniture and decor from their perfectly appointed home to items in the large storage area which includes Holiday decor, furniture, collectibles, tools, vintage car parts including wheels and tires ( circa ’72 Chevelle), cool metal art and signs, quality stereo equipment, rugs, outdoor furniture, bikes, coolers and much more!!
High end furniture, antiques, collectibles, holiday decor. Furniture from designers and stores including Lillian August, Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair, Century Furniture, West Elm, Z Gallery, Ethan Allen, Wesley Hall, Roswell Antiques, 14th Street Market, and more!

FACEBOOK LIVE Preview: TBA on our business page – click the link to visit our Company Facebook Page
Local pickup only- If you need shipping, please reach out in advance and we will work with your freight company.

Auction Closing: Sunday, June 20th, 2021 starting at 2:00 PM
Pickup: Monday, June 21st from 11:00 to 6:00 PM BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!
Address: TBA in Avondale Estates, GA 30002
Shipping available.

Sale Manager: Melanie Welch, 404.668.3845 or

All sales final. Bids are contracts to buy.
Please note 15% BP and 8% sales tax.

Amy Martin Auctions GAL#2837

Retro and Fun in Pine Lake

Click Here to bid now! Closing Saturday May 1st – starting at 2pm Cool, Retro, and Functional.
From an excellent Poulan riding Mower to cool custom MCM style boomerang tables, Holiday Blow molds, Holiday lights galore, Lamps, Furniture and so much more. Also includes a Poulan push mower, and a hot tub!
Auction Starts to Close Saturday May 1st – starting at 2pm
Pickup: Sunday, May 2nd from 11am til 4pm by APPOINTMENT ONLY! TBA in Stone Mountain( next to Pine Lake), GA 30083
FACEBOOK LIVE PREVIEW – click the link to visit our Company Facebook Video Page. You may also schedule an appointment to preview- contact us if this is something you want to do. We have limited times available.
Questions? call Amy at 404.734.3606 or Mel at 404.668.3845
All sales will have a 15% Buyers Premium and 8% sales tax added to the purchase on your invoice.
Thank you!
Amy Martin Auctions GAL#2837

Big Avondale Auction~1st of 2

CLICK Here to Bid now!
Closing Thursday, Feb 18th starting at 2pm
This auction is the first of two at this Avondale Estate! It is full of cool, unusual, interesting, informative, collectible, usable, fun and festive items! Features vintage and cosplay / festival/ dragon con costumes and clothing. Original local art with a Halloween/goulish/haunted flair.  Antiques, first editions and a couple of autographed books. ( RuPaul!) Vintage and Collectible toys and games and figures. Italian Leather sofa, Leather craftsman style recliner, camping equipment, vintage bicycles, too much to mention. this is the first of two auctions!
It’s a lot and we love it!
Details coming soon! Stay tuned!!

FACEBOOK LIVE Preview: TBA on our business page – click the link to visit our Company Facebook Page
Shipping available on all items.

Auction Closing: Thursday, Feb 18th, 2021 starting at 2:00 PM
Pickup: Friday Feb 19th from 1:00 to 6:00 PM BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!
Address: TBA in Avondale Estates, GA 30002
Local Pick-up

Sale Manager: Melanie Welch, 404.668.3845 or

All sales final. Bids are contracts to buy.
Please note 15% BP and 8% sales tax.

Amy Martin Auctions GAL#2837

Featured Items

Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

Vintage Hand Painted Stylized Folk Art Mask, Possibly Paper Mache. 

English Antique Tiger Oak Art Deco Sideboard Buffet Wine Bar Cabinet
D:55″W x 22″D x 48″H

Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

Vintage Stylized Hand Cut Wooden Painted Animal Mask

Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

Fabulous MCM painted glass hanging light/ swag light.

Antique Toolbox on casters. The box was purchase at a local estate sale and the sellers stated their father was a carpenter and he became annoyed at other people using his tool box as a seat. His solution was to add pointy knobs on the top. Needless to say, this solved his issue. D: 30″ across x 16″ deep x 14″ tall ( including spikes).

1Art by seller
2Vintage Hand Painted Stylized Folk Art Mask
3English Antique Tiger Oak Art Deco Sideboard Buffet Wine Bar Cabinet D:55″W x 22″D x 48″H
4Art by seller
5Vintage Stylized Hand Cut Wooden Painted Animal Mask
6Art by seller
7Fabulous MCM painted glass hanging light/ swag light.
8Antique Toolbox on casters. The box was purchase at a local estate sale and the sellers stated their father was a carpenter and he became annoyed at other people using his tool box as a seat. His solution was to add pointy knobs on the top. Needless to say
9Vintage Italian Accordion with case
10Georgian Round solid mahogany tea/dessert table. Turned pedestal support. Tripod base with cabriole legs and slipper feet. Height: 27.5 in. Diameter: 30.00 in.
11Mercier Luxtub Bicycle recently restored and ready to ride.
12Autographed Copy of RuPaul’s Autobiography “Lettin It All Hang Out” First Edition
13Process Recess James Jean : Selected Paintings Sketchbooks & Illustrations 1999-2004 Copyright 2005 First Printing available on Amazon from $295.00 – $545.00
14Leather Bound Volumes of the Works of Shakespeare Plus ***
151993 Vintage Stickley Cabinet Dimensions: 43″W x 23″D x 51.5″H
16Large Vintage Leather Wrapped Elk Figure. 14”W x 5”D x 14”W
17Large Vintage Leather Wrapped Jaguar Figure. 20”W x 6”D x 9”H
18Large Vintage Leather Wrapped Hippo and Rhino Figures Rhino: 7”W x 3D x 4”H Hippo: 12”W x 5”D x 7”H
19NetGear Arlo Pro 2) Wire- Free HD Security Cameras 1) Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Mount
20Karastan Wool Rug 10 x 16
21Divani Chateau d’Ax Brown Italian Leather Sofa with Two Ottomans Circa 2004/05 Sofa -93″
22Craftsman style sideboard lots of storage and cool stone features matches table and chairs in lot 23
23Craftsman style Dining table with cool stone features and 4 chairs matches sideboard in lot 22 Note: some scratch marks on chairs fabric- see photos
24Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Circa 1988 The Ridgeway is the oldest grandfather clock that has been manufactured continuously in the United States and are well know for their excellent time keeping. This is a Quality timepiece! Serial number 880 46506 D: 19″across x 11″ deep x 83″ OAH
25Halloween totems and Day of the Dead paper doll Art by seller
26Foamite Firefoam Company Extinguisher
27Group of vintage Fire Gear Vigilant Engine Hook and Ladder CO cast iron Plaque Bullard Hard Boiled Fire Helmet Collins Fire Axe
28Vintage Sprinkler Fire Alarm by GA sprinkler Co
29SimpliSafe Custom Home Security System Model: SSCS3
30Vintage Hand Painted Mask Made from a Coconut Shell
31Group of Vintage Toys Gong Bell Cowboy / Gal / Cow HandRanch Phone 39R2 Buck- a-Roo Game Ponderosa Ranch Tin Cup and More
32Souttters Brass & Copper Kettle Patent No. 1830-96
33Ingoma Drum Wooden Drum with Shell and Membrane in Animal Skin.
34Hand Carved Wooden Mask
36Wrought Iron stand possible used as bike rack
38The Life and Travels of Gen. Grant by J T Headley 1879
40Patti Playpal doll in original clothing Markings on back of neck read: Ideal Toy Corp. G-35H-346
41Mission Style Leather Recliner
42Orion Short Tube 4.5 EQ Reflector Telescope
42AFloor lamp with metal base oah 63″+/-
43Sony STR-KS370 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater with sswsb subwoofer
51Five leather animals Giraffe 1 (legs out): 9″W x 2.5″D x 8.5″H Giraffe 2 (legs in): 9″W x 2″D x 9″H Tiger:12.5″W x 4″D x 6″H Hippo: 7.5″W x 3″D x 4″H Lion cub: 6″W x 2.5″D x 5″H
52Leather camel and three fur animals Camel: 13″W x 4″D x 11″H Horse: 15″W x 4″D x 9″H Dog: 9″W x 3″D x 6″H Mountain Goat:9″W x 4.5″D x 9″H
53Two leather horses Standing horse: 14”W x 4”D x 9”H Carousel horse: 17”W x 5”D x 9”H
55Vintage 1987 Mattell Boglin Drool hand puppet with box
56Original Woody Doll in Box
57Toy Story Disney/Pixar Playskool MR. POTATO HEAD Original 1995 vintage in box
58Toy Story Slinky Dog
59Vintage Wind Up Toys
60Vintage 1958 SNOOPY Plush Toy Dog 20″ PEANUTS United Feature Syndicate KOREA. Includes clothing
61Hermann Vintage Stuffed Bear- Made in Germany
62Star Wars Call On Yoda Interactive Figure – 2005 Hasbro – 12″ & Star Wars Fun Works Flip Books.
65Wade England Wimsies Christmas tree star is chipped.
66Tea set. Some places where paint has worn off.
67Pair of Lenox Bud Vases
68Miniature tea set. Made in Japan. Teapot handle has been repaired. Porcelain decor. Made in Japan.
70Asian decorative items
71Egg items
72Porcelain decor
73Handmade decorative items
74Handmade plate
75Vases (with markings)
76Vases (one chipped)
77Southwest pots
78Puzzle pitcher reads “trink wenn du kannst” or Drink if you can. If you figure out the puzzle
80Heavy flower vase
81Tall MCM Amberina color swung slag glass vase
82Massive stein
83Two Western Germany steins
84Two vintage steins
85Small cups with Stein drawings
86Two earthenware steins
87Two View Finders and Barbie pictures
88Phillips 66 bank and vintage soap
89Fossils lot
90Enamelware set
92Metal swan Made in Korea
93Revere Magazine 16 video camera
94Polariod camera
95Soda King and chargers
97Vintage 1000 Day Aug. Schatz & Sohne Pendulum Clock. Made in Germany.
98Coke purse and books
99Brownie Bank and Handbook
129Art by seller
130Art by seller
131Rusty doll
132Vogue and Madame Alexander
133Old dolls
1362008 and 2013 American dolls
139vintage cookware
165weedeaters and attachments- need repair 2 echo have some compression
166glass front door double pane solid wood
170Plastic doll bag
171Art by seller
174Art by seller
175Art by seller
176Doll furniture
177Cloth dolls
179Doll hair and hats
180Art by seller
181Art by seller
182Art by seller
183Art by seller
184Art by seller
185Art by seller
186Art by seller
187Plastic bag if doll parts
188Dolls of the world
190Art by seller
191Art by seller
192Art by seller
197Teeny/beanie babies
198Dog log
201Group of Magical Fun Money Magic Classic Magic Magic Cards Pocket Magic Vintage Catalog of Popular Magic Vintage Magical Tricks Includes cool box
202Cosplay Clothing Two capes& a hat.
203Cosplay Clothing Very Cool Cape
204Cosplay Clothing 2) Vintage Pieces
205Cosplay Clothing Vintage Furs & More
206Cosplay Clothing several fun pieces
207Cosplay Clothing
208Ikea Scarf Holder includes Scarves and Belts.
209Cosplay Clothing
210Cosplay Clothing

250crafty lot

All About Props Liquidation #8

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and BID NOW! Closing Friday, Jan 22nd – starting at 2pm
Round 8 of All About Props Inventory Reduction Auctions!
Sale features several props including vintage slat back chairs from Manuels Tavern, a Zoltar-like cabinet, vintage Nintendo, Commodore 64 and other games, Gorilla suit, Vintage vinyl, Vintage gas stove, cool cutouts of Princess Leia, Elvis, Dr. Evil, The Ocsar, Audrey Hepburn, and The Wizard of Oz characters, Radio Flyer wagon, cool vintage Japanese and Canadian payphone, water fill-able traffic barriers, faux rock wall props, wave, wizard of oz, and Paris skyline props, party lights, large letters and numbers, gumball machines and much more!
Auction Starts to Close Friday, Jan 22nd starting at 2pm
Pickup: Saturday, January 23rd from 11:30am til 6:30pm by APPOINTMENT ONLY!
Address: TBA in Tucker, GA 30084
FACEBOOK LIVE PREVIEW – click the link located in the intro lot on the bid page to visit our Company Facebook Video Page. You may also schedule an appointment to preview- contact us if this is something you want to do. We have limited times available.
Questions about items call Sale Manager: Ted Morrow, 770.634.5555
Questions about the auction call Amy at 404.734.3606 or Mel at 404.668.3845
All sales will have a 15% Buyers Premium and 8% sales tax added to the purchase on your invoice.
Thank you!
Amy Martin Auctions GAL#2837

MCM Downsizing Auction

Click Here To Bid Now /starting 9-7 Our long time customer and her husband are moving from their MCM home in Atlanta to Savannah. Cool, clean, sophisticated, colorful, mod and curvy. From Heywood-Wakefield furniture to a cool red Halston jacket, From a sleek Vitale Billiards table to disco balls and cool orange and green vases to a large comfy curved modern sofa. Take a look! you’ll be glad you did.

FACEBOOK LIVE Preview: TBA on our business page- click the link to visit our Company Facebook Page

Auction Starts to Close Saturday, September 19 at 2pm
Pickup: Sunday, September 20 from 10am til 5pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!
Items are located at 2 locations within 3 miles. Items will have location in the description.
Address: TBA in Sandy Springs, GA 30328 ( near Riverside Dr.)

Sale Manager: Melanie Welch, 404.668.3845 or

All sales final. Bids are contracts to buy.
Please note 15% BP and 7.75% sales tax.

Amy Martin Auctions GAL#2837

Southern Furniture, Outsider Art, Fine Antiques

Click Here to Bid now!      Closing Sunday, July 28 – starting at 2pm  This extraordinary sale features Outsider art including paintings by Mary Green, face jugs, baskets and others, Fine Southern antiques including a huntboard, a Dr’s cabinet, a plantation desk, 1800’s handwoven wool coverlets from Tennessee family and more. Two Moses Harris Plates, prints, Perca Venenosa & C – The Rock Fish , John Prideaux Selby and others. We have an antique glass encased scale that is beautiful!
There is a baseball autographed baseball by Hank Aaron and Tommy Lasorda and Brook Robinson. Lots of interesting and historical items
Sterling Silver and Coins from US, Germany, England, France and Eastern Europe

Facebook Preview:TBA

Closes Saturday, July 18th, 2020 starting at 2pm
Pickup: Scheduled pickup in Avondale BY Appointment Only – Sunday July 19th from 10am til 5pm
Pickup Location: will be shared to the individual buyers once the pickup appointment is set.
This auction has some items from our recent Druid Hills Estate along with sterling jewelry and interesting smalls from a Pine Lake local estate.

Sales Tax is 8.%. Buyers Premium is 15%. All items Sell As-Is, Where-is with no Warranties or Representations, expressed or implied.

Call Mel at 404-668-3845 for more info

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